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January 31
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Camera Data

Captured by the SCP by OfStrangerTides Captured by the SCP by OfStrangerTides
Zalgo lowered his head in defeat, he knew he'd lost. The SCP had both him and Slender. It was a good cause he supposed, if they hadn't had let themselves be captured the other Pasta monsters were going to be hunted one by one and killed. The SCP knew everything about all of them, it wouldn't be hard to shut down BEN, or slaughter Jeff, or even contain and kill  Despite the noble cause Zalgo was plagued by the memories of his years in the facility causing him to shake. Slender took notice and scoots closer to him.
[Zalgo.] He said through telepathy, a tentacle extended from his back as the words left his mind and into Zalgo's. They lightly touched Zalgo's shoulder. [It's going to be okay. I've been in this situation before.]
Zalgo snorted behind the muzzle and replied, [I'm not scared. What? Did you think I was scared?] There was an uncertainty in his thoughts.
[Well I'm no genius but I swear I could feel you shaking. I can still feel it.]
Zalgo was silent for a while, a long while. Finally he sighed, his own thorned tentacles extending from his back. [Alright. Fine. I'm nervous. You happy?]
[Very.] Slender responded, his tentacles entangling with Zalgo's.
The hivemind was again silent for more than five minutes before he spoke again. [Slender?]
[I love you.]
A long silence, [I love you too.]

This is based off a dream I had the other night. In it both Zalgo and Slender were taken by the SCP. They went willingly, if they didn't the SCP would track and hunt the other pasta monsters. Since the others are very precious to Zalgo and Slender they complied and were immediately bound. The SCP knew Zalgo has VERY limited power on earth where they were so they could bound him.

Zalgo (c) Creepypasta

Slender (c) Victor Surge
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Now this I did see coming in some form or another. I love it. SCP started out as another creepypasta but exploded into somethin' else which is now just as awesome. I mean, I even have an idea for something similar where the Foundation encounters the best and most well known CreepyPasta beings in some fashion. I do love these kinds of ideas. Now I'd never do anything art or whatnot related since I don't have the skill or capacity right now to do so, but basically the worlds of 'The Seer', 'I Eat Pasta for Breakfast', 'CreepyPasta Chronicles' and 'Pasta Monsters' meet the S.C.P. Foundation in some capacity. I mean, it's an amazing kind of idea isn't it?
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please zalgo tried to become an scp but can't. hey everyone who wants to this joke song i made about "scp containment breech"
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